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No Daily Mass
Wednesday, August 20
Thursday, August 21

Please pray for Pope Francis
who lost 3 family members in a car accident in Argentina Tuesday.

Parish Information

Founded: 1907
Address: 230 Baker Avenue
Mail: P. O. Box 128
            Whitefish, MT 59937
Phone: (406) 862-2051
Fax: (866) 948-8416
Emergencies: (406) 871-3605
Pastor: Fr. Ken Fortney
Office Administrator: 
Cher' LeLievre  
Faith Formation: Lynn Beck
Faith Formation: Niki MacLean
R.C.I.A.: Daryl & Pat Russell
Maintenance: Rolly Taylor
Office Hours: 
  Mon. through Thurs.
       9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Closed Fridays & Federal Holidays
Masses: Schedule*

*When there is a funeral, or a Holy Day Mass,
the daily Mass is abrogated.

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The Catholic Man Crisis
in the Church

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Prayer for the Christians
in the Middle East

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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
Beginning September 18!
Read more here.

Learn about "Our Lady's Rosary Makers"
Read more here.

Summer Mass schedule
Saturday 5:00 p.m. • Sunday 8:00 & 9:30 a.m.

An appeal to all families: when you say your prayers, remember all those forced from their homes in Iraq.
- Pope Francis

St. Charles Borromeo Parish has been selected for the second year in a row
for the "Best Place to Worship in Whitefish".

Faith Formation beginning
Wednesday, September 17

Registration - Sep. 6, 7 & 13, 14

We must meditate before, during and after everything we do.
The prophet says: "I will pray, and then I will understand.” 

- St. Charles Borromeo

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Question of the Week:
For more information check out

What is essential in a Baptism?

The General Introduction to the Rites of Christian Initiation states:

1. The baptismal font, or the vessel in which on occasion the water is prepared for the celebration of the sacrament [baptism] should be very clean and attractive.

2. The water used in baptism should be true water and it should be clean.

3. Either the rite of immersion, which is more suitable as a symbol of participation in the death and resurrection of Christ, or the rite of infusion [pouring] may lawfully be used in the celebration of baptism.

4. The words for baptism in the Latin Church are: 'I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.'

5. It is a very ancient custom of the Church that an adult is not admitted to baptism without a godparent.

6. In the baptism of children, the godparent(s)/proxies must be present.

7. In the case of baptism by immersion decency and decorum are to be kept present.

According to sacramental theologians, in administering the sacraments there must be a union of matter and form--in the case of Baptism union of the act of immersion or pouring of water and the words of Baptism. Together they constitute the sacramental sign.

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